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e-Weather is an application, that "speaks" with human voice, the Weather for your Radio Station


Actual application screen shots!

e-weather interface
User friendly interface

e-Weather is a Windows software application, utilizing an easy to read user interface, with all possible information about your city's weather conditions and the time of the last update check …

e-weather interface
Easy configuration

The configuration options allow you to choose between various methods of wind measuring, different temperature measurement units etc. The software receives weather data from the Internet, on a regular basis according to your settings e.g. every 15 minutes …

e-weather interface

It even informs you with a toolbar indicator so you don't have to keep the application open and clutter your desktop …

e-weather interface
Display & Units

Easily change display options and metric or imperial units, in Wind speeds, as well as Fahrenheit or Celsius for Temperature measuring …

e-weather interface
MP3 Creation

You can also alter the output MP3 filename and the folders that is getting created at. These folders can also be in a local network environment …

e-weather interface
RDS / Text File Output

If your station uses the Radio Digital System (RDS) or any other type of Subcarrier text system, then we also provide you with a text file that contains the current weather info!

How does it work

e-Weather is a Windows application, almost any version of Windows and Windows Server will do!

  • In the options section, the user selects the location (City/Town or even zip code) and then sets the time interval (in minutes), that e-Weather checks and updates automatically the current weather conditions for that particular location from various weather sites.
  • e-Weather creates an MP3 file, spoken with real human voice, either male or female, the MP3 file sounds like : "The temperature now is 71 degrees... The winds are coming from Northwest, at 11 miles per hour".
  • These MP3 files may be generated in any system folder, either locally or in a network, with a filename specified by you e.g. "temperature.mp3".
  • These files are automatically updated and always include the current weather conditions, since the newly created one overwrites the old one.
  • Thus the only thing left, is for you to schedule your ON AIR software, to "play / air" these files any time you wish, and therefore automatically inform your listeners.
  • In case your radio station uses RDS (Radio Data System), or any other Subcarrier text system, then e-Weather also creates a text file with the same weather conditions, that you can feed to your RDS system and then your listeners can appreciate the current weather conditions on their radio displays!
  • Its configuration options allow you to choose between various methods of wind measuring, different temperature measurement units etc.

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  • One Voice Male or Female
  • One 3 year license for use in one PC
  • Standard Voice Prompts.



  • One Voice Male or Female
  • One 3 year license for use in one PC
  • Adds the automatic Sponsorship
  • Scheduling module so you can have
  • different advert spots 24/7!

Custom Voicing


  • Select from a variety of
  • voices or provide your own
  • We will create your custom
  • prompts any way you want
  • No software license is included

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